Why HIPAA Compliance is Becoming More Challenging… — Hosting & Cloud Solutions — HIPAA Compliant — HIPAA Vault

and What You Can Do About It

  • record vaccine developments (only 11 months — the previous record was a vaccine for mumps, which took five years)
  • widespread use of telehealth to ease the load of in-person doctor visits
  • greater flexibility of companies with remote work
  • Increased student proficiency with electronic platforms for virtual learning

Challenges to Healthcare Data Security

  • patching and updating systems to reduce attack exposure
  • regular scanning for vulnerabilities, and mitigating those found
  • daily snapshots of your environment for maintaining business continuity
  • implementing multi-factor authentication for sign-on
  • deploying data-loss prevention, including encryption
  • Visit only secure websites (look for the “lock” icon in your browser’s address bar)
  • Use strong passwords (a mix of lowercase, caps, numbers, and symbols) for all wireless connections
  • Install an antivirus program on devices

Heed the Storm



Founder, CEO HIPAA Vault — HIPAA Cloud Solutions http://bit.ly/hipaavault1

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