6 Benefits (of More than Correct Spelling) for HIPAA Compliant Hosting

What does HIPAA Stand For?

HIPAA Helps Prevent Patient Harm

  1. The disclosure of personal information may cause intrinsic harm, simply because that private information is known by others.
  2. Another potential danger is economic harm. Individuals could lose their job, health insurance, or housing if the wrong type of information becomes public knowledge.
  3. Individuals could also experience social or psychological harm. For example, the disclosure that an individual is infected with HIV or another type of sexually transmitted infection can cause social isolation and/or other psychologically harmful results.
  4. Finally, security breaches could put individuals in danger of identity theft.
  • There are physical security measures (locks, cameras, etc.) that must be installed to help ensure the safekeeping of devices containing PHI data.
  • There are administrative security measures, including staff training on how to handle PHI and resisting phishing and other attacks through emails, etc.
  • And, there are technical security measures — such as encryption of data in transit and in storage — designed to prevent unauthorized reading of sensitive data.

Six Benefits of HIPAA Compliance for Your Organization

  1. HIPAA Security engenders trust
  1. Patient confidence is increased
  1. Patients demonstrate more transparency about their condition
  1. You (the healthcare practitioner) provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans
  1. Patient outcomes are better
  1. The positive reputation of your practice grows

Patients will tend to be healthier if they trust you

A World Without HIPAA?

  1. Many healthcare institutions far less secure, and more vulnerable to hacking.
  1. Greater concern and dissatisfaction on the part of patients.
  1. Increased legal action.
  • inherit a proven, compliant environment with multiple layers of security. If you’re a developer, you also tout this to your customers for app reliability
  • have continuous snapshots and offsite backups of your data, should a disaster or malicious attack hit your environment and restoration be needed
  • leave the burden of security patching and monitoring, firewalls, anti-virus, 24/7 monitoring, and technical support, to the pros
  • Have your system optimized, bringing greater efficiency and economic benefits
  • enjoy encryption of data in transit and storage
  • take advantage of secure file-sharing
  • perform regular risk assessments to preserve the availability and integrity of data
  • have stronger passwords and access controls, including two-factor authentication to help keep the bad guys out of your environment
  • Be freed up to concentrate on patient care, so you’re more focused and effective
  • have patients feel more trusting, and happier that they’re protected. Your employees and community will benefit!

Much More than Right Spelling



Founder, CEO HIPAA Vault — HIPAA Cloud Solutions http://bit.ly/hipaavault1

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